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22 September 2009 @ 01:22 pm
Writing Meme stolenz from hijackme  
Post one-to-two sentences of every unfinished piece of writing you have, fic or non; maybe it will motivate you to finish.

1. (from part fifteen of Descend) Jim Gordon stood of the rooftop of Major Crimes, looking out over the skyline of the city. This was one of the highest points in Gotham, aside from Wayne Tower. The city was buzzing with cars and horns, the shuffle people passing each other on the streets as another day went by and nothing changed for them. Oh, how Gordon wished that he could experience the same thing; have everything just be one way for a few weeks...

2. (some angsty piece that will never get done) The ribbon cutting ceremony would take place in any minute and Bruce was elected by the board members to represent the company, since he had the bigger public influence. He stood next to the podium, watching the crowd, and catching the gaze he of the man he was looking for: Tony Stark.

3. (from mjls and I's series were working on, this piece isn't finished yet) Even though Tony was in town and Bruce was tempted to show him around Gotham officially, Bruce did have meetings to attend and work to go over with Lucius Fox. He looked in the mirror, past himself and at Tony, as he tied his tie. Tony was poking around Bruce's dresser at the few pictures that Bruce had left of his parents, basically, he was bored but he could handle it because he had actually done the same to Bruce back in Malibu. Least he could do was tolerate this back from Bruce.

Wow, i thought I had other unfinished stuff, guess not. Maybe its mostly my vids that arent getting done fast enough...hmmm